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Estate Planning /

Estate Planning organizes asset management distribution after death or incapacity through legal documents such as wills and trusts. It ensures wishes regarding finances, property, healthcare, and dependents are followed, while minimizing estate taxes and facilitating smooth wealth transfer to the next generation. We can prepare the most optimal estate plan for your asset conditions and needs.

Conservatorship /
Financial Elder Abuse

Conservatorship is a legal arrangement that designates a responsible individual or organization to manage the financial and/or personal affairs of a loved one who is unable to maintain themselves due to incapacity or disability. We have a wealth of experience in conservatorship and financial elder abuse claims. We can find a way to protect the future for your loved ones.

Trust and Estate
(Inheritance Disputes)

Trust and Estate Litigation / Inheritance Disputes involve legal disputes related to trusts, wills, and estates. This area of law encompasses conflicts over the validity of estate planning documents, distribution of assets, fiduciary duties, and beneficiary rights. This litigation often arises when disagreements occur among family members, beneficiaries, trustees, and last minute deathbed changes of will and trust beneficiaries. We have extensive experience to with contesting and terminating invalid trusts, as well as deep knowledge related to challenging the mismanagement of trusts on behalf of our clients.

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